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AWMF will help any church or organization with training, supplies, equipment and personnel to enhance or start a medical missions outreach for people in need anywhere around the globe. Since 2001, with the help of a few faithful friends, AWMF has awarded numerous churches, organizations, a college and students with the International Missions Award. It is given along with a financial gift enabling them to continue their wonderful work. We encourage ministries, churches and non-profits who meet the criteria below to apply.

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Tenet of the ministry is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior is man’s only way to salvation.


Spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is and/or will be a critical part of the health care delivery program.

Demonstrable financial and resource need for the development and/or improvement of the ministry’s medical missions program.

Ministry is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in good financial standing.



Fill out the application in its entirety. Share ministry’s vision, mission, goals, policies and procedures, by-laws, etc. upon request


Provide documentation of ministry’s financial status and needs upon request.


Provide written documentation of AWMF’s impact on ministry’s medical missions work abroad.


Ministry is willing to help at least one other ministry establish or improve its medical missions program within 23 months of receiving support from AWMF.

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